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Product Care - Every day Care

Please hang your fur parka on a broad, sturdy padded hanger to keep the shoulders from losing their shape. The neck of the hanger should be long enough to keep the collar of the coat away from the hanging rod.

Do not hang a fur parka in a plastic bag.Please use OZLANA fur parka care bag to keep dust out of the fur. The fur needs air circulation to keep the hide from drying out and cracking.

Do not leave jewellery pinned to your fur parka.

Overuse of shoulder straps on handbags can cause premature wear and tear to the parka and fur.

Avoid applying hairspray, perfume or makeups on your Fur Parka. Alcohol, oil and chemical ingredients contained may penetrate the fur and eventually damage the fur.

Brush fur with professional fur care comb only. Be sure to brush the direction of the hair, and to use small and even strokes as you work a small section at a time.

Professional fur combs have wider spaced teeth and soft edges, which prevent the brush from damaging or ripping at the fur.Gently shake the parka and fur to remove any dirt or debris that has settle onto the fur.


Professional fur clean only. No hand wash. No machine wash. No tumble dryer.

Do not attempt to condition the delicate fur at home.If the fur is wet by rain or snow, please wipe it with a dry white towel and drain as much water as possible.

Hang it to dry in a cool and ventilated place.

After it is dry, gently fluff the fur and smear the skin to prevent from hardening.

Do not use a hairdryer, clothes dryer, or any direct heat on the fur.

If the fur is completely soaked with water, please take it to a professional fur cleaner as soon as possible to prevent shrinkage.

Off-Season Storage

Make sure your fur parka is stored in the cleanest condition possible. Dirt, sweat and oils will degrade the fabrics over time.Avoid direct sunlight.

Avoid heat. Avoid storing your fur parka in hot and humid places. The optimum storage temperature of natural fur is 15 degrees and 50% humility.

High heat can melt the fur fibres and cause the fibres to fuse and become matted.Please hang your fur parka on a broad, sturdy padded hanger and reposition your fur parka often so there are no crush marks on the fur.

Avoid compressing your fur parka into a crammed space.

We suggest removing the fur if storage space is limited.Furs that are properly stored during hot weather can last up to 50 years or more.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare means making sure animals are always well cared for. Animals must receive ample food, water, sunlight and display appropriate behaviour. Fox and mink farmers do their utmost to make sure animal welfare is high. Over the past few years, substantial investments have been made to continually improve environmental conditions on fur farms to breed the healthiest animals in the best way.

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